Artist Statement

My paintings attempt to evoke distant or recent memories that recall something not always visual, something felt but possibly evading direct expression. I have been influenced by the poet Edward Thomas’s articulation of the difficulty and limitation of verbal expression, a difficulty which became the core of his art in his best poems.

In a landscape painting I begin with a sketch, photograph or a postcard. Through the working process, chance elements, mistakes, painting or drawing blind I go on until the work (reaches something that) suggests a particular mood, or what makes that specific landscape’s essence.

That may be iconic and traditional aspects of the rural life- cattle, sheep and the buildings that house them, or of coastal life. But it may also try to encompass the ineffable, wind, rain, changing light.

Everything comes together in a visual representation beyond the immediate surface.

Marc studied fine art at Banbury School of Art, Wolverhampton College of Art, and New York State College of Ceramics.

He exhibits mainly in the Oxford area, at the O3 gallery, Oxford Castle, at his own home or the SJE Gallery during Artweeks and with the Oxford Art Society.

He uses landscape as a starting-point to explore colour, light and tone.